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Sankha Roy is blessed with the best team members, and his work looks different than others. The Wedding Photographer team is excellent and can go to any extent to fulfil their mission of great photography. The team is good in understanding and organised.

The team is expert in capturing shots with prominence and show the celebration of life. The happiness, what they gift every couple by taking shot of their absolute moments of love, laughter and emotions. The candid moments look more talkative than the people because they have the magic to convert the tale of two’s to a fairy tale.

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Sankha Roy

Sankha Roy

Founder Of TRW

Touching such a height is not an easy task! One has to be more challenging, adventurous and have a hunger for seeking an opportunity to prove the courage and skill. Sankha is different in thoughts, seeing dreams and achieving it. The curious eyes of him find the sublime views in moments. Along with him, he has a great team to support—the young blood has vigorous demand for doing a great job.

What inspires Sankha – is the colours that have various ways of expressions. He finds aestheticism in colours and brings out the true form of joy in his mind. Being an ambitious self, he started his career with graphic designing. His heart was overwhelmed with a sense of colours and a desire to work with it, made him look for an opportunity. Sankha loves to taking Photographs in Weddings but never has thought of being professional. But his strong inebriation towards the colour and colour culture brought him to the International Institute of Photography, and his acute concentration provides him knowledge as well. Later he comes to Kolkata and starts his successful career as a renowned Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer. Sankha still looks for the vibes of colours in every wedding; thus his pictures are vibrant and unique in quality.

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