Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding Photography Costing or Packages. Bengali Wedding Photography Costing

A wedding is a blend of every high spirited emotion—loud laughter, happy tears, music, bustle, hullabaloos. We can never overlook such precious emotions and moments in a wedding.

Bengali Wedding is a ritual based, time-consuming Wedding. There are so many to capture one by one. Bringing those all together is absolutely a form of art of telling beautiful stories of the celebration of life. Photography is essential while your ache is to reminisce such events repeatedly. For candid Bengali Wedding Photography, we have several packages that may suit your pocket because we value your wishes and opinion.


Non-Bengali Wedding Photography Cost

Non-Bengali Weddings are different in style. They have more pre Wedding rituals and parties. Even after reception parties, there are several post-wedding parties, which have to follow in detail. For our Non-Bengali clients, we have kept it in mind to give them different options of packages that they may like to choose and feel happy with the cost. We know how much economical one goes at the time of their big fat Wedding. So, here we are to help you in that matter of cost.

Cinematic Wedding Films costing

Our services are meant to make our client happy with the Photographs and Wedding Films. Wedding Films are indeed costly, and it costs more than Photography. But we want our clients to be pleased with the money they spend on us. We value your money; thus our services provide you packages to go through once. There are lots of hard work and brain needed in doing cinematic Wedding Videos. We want to keep everything real and authentic according to your demand. Take a look, and we give you assurance that you will feel relieved.

Traditional Wedding Photos and Films Price

The trend must be followed, but couples sometimes want their photos to be looked traditional, the way their parents have some two or three decades before. In traditional Wedding Photography and videos, we include everything—full sangeet, mangni, entire Bengali Wedding with the traditional family pose. Our wedding photography and filming need to take shots of a grandmother embracing a bride and giving blessings by touching chin with her finger or people’s smile while posing with the groom or gifting the newly wedded bride and groom. Traditional Photography and filming are time taking jobs, and our Photographers have very much patience and ready hands of clicking pictures of happy faces. Our clients must be pleased as we have accommodated our service with the facility of several packages for traditional photo taking and making videos.

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