Roll! Camera! Wedding!—Happiness Sorted

Do you want that laughter of yours to look more lively? Do you want to shed happy tears with all your present emotion? Want to relive those moments again? Here is a chance that you can ask for to make your wedding videos in a cinematic way.

Collecting lovely moments in still is art but making movies of random emotions, high spirited people, bride and groom’s bantering with each other—is different, it is love. I always want to make wedding videos in a cinematic dimension. People love to see them doing actions. Harish woos Vidisha in their Pre Wedding or Mumtaj’s smearing mehendi on her hands or Madhuja’s cracking little earthen pots saying “Aiburo bhaat bhang”— all is the part of living majestic moments again and again. Personally, I prefer cinematic video, because that gives you vividness that still photographs lack. For years I have been researching on capturing moments in videos, ornamenting them with cheery senses, feelings. Wedding Films Making is fun within your budget and who hunts for something rare; of course, they will love it.


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